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30th-Apr-2005 04:07 pm - Friends Only
Friends Only.

I'm basicly willing to add anyone. You have to update on a regular base though. And do not ignore me after you've added me. If you want to be added I do expect some interest in getting to know me. I like to actually know the people on my list.

If I've ever taken you off and you didn't take me off your friends list I probably banned you. Contact me if you want to be re-added.

aim; ohh beauty line
msn&e-mail; girafje_meteenlangene@hotmail.com
25th-Apr-2005 06:04 pm - Friends Cut
the following people were cut..Collapse )

I mainly cut old journals so no problem. If I cut you and you want to ask why or want to be added again IM met at ohh beauty line or e-mail me at girafje_meteenlangenek@hotmail.com. I sure want to be friends with you but I guess we weren't right now. I really had to this because I wanted it for a while but somehow something stopped, and it's weird because this is my journal right. I'm very content with my current friends list.

Also, if I removed you, remove me too. Thanks.
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